How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk

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[Guest post by Rosemary Boyle]

I have read various ‘parenting’ books, most of which didn’t really help.  Now that the youngest of my 4 children is 17 and my oldest 26, I have discovered the book I needed 26 years ago!

There is a series of books but read the one for young children because the ideas are there condensed and easily accessible.

Try it and use it.  The ‘techniques’ fit very well with trying to bring up your children in the context of the Catholic faith.  It helps you to ‘go with the positive’.

Here are some reader reviews from Amazon which I found very helpful:

“As an impatient mother of a challenging three-year old I’d given up on books (and there were lots of them) and advice (and there was lots of it). A good friend of mine slipped me this book and I gave it a passing glance. I tried the first technique out with not much hope, and was immediately rewarded with a co-operation. That was a week ago. I have since read it from cover to cover, given it back to my friend with a massive thank you, bought it myself and intend to read it again. It has made an immediate improvement to my relationship not only with my son but with my partner, my parents, my siblings and people in general. I’ve gone from frustrated, irritated, tired orgress to confident, loving mother. I actually enjoying talking to my son and he enjoys talking to me. I’d recommend this book to anyone who deals with children.”

“You know one of those books that makes you want to buy twenty of them and give them to people you know, as well as random strangers? Well, this is one of these. Excellent, practical and balanced advice for kids of 4+, urging parents to teach their children responsibility, get them to do stuff without nagging and most of all share their true selves with their children. Please read it, it will change your life.”

“You deal with children? You are losing your sanity? This book needs to be in YOUR home. The central message is simple: respect children’s feelings and they will respect yours. As you are looking for a parenting book, you probably think ‘I DO respect their feelings, but the little brat still drives me crazy…’ but actually this book shows that most of us continuously disrespect our children, and actually encourage them to behave the way they do. Free yourself from tyranny! Buy this book! Understand it, laugh with it, talk about it, try out the exercises.”

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  1. Tonia says:

    I’ve ordered the Kindle edition after reading some more Amazon reviews. Our boys are 11 and 13. I don’t seem to yell at them the way I did a few of years ago but that doesn’t mean it won’t start up again!

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