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Please give us your feedback about the Jericho Tree website, using the comments box below. We welcome both praise and constructive suggestions! Please let us know what we are doing well, and how we could do things better.


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These unsigned articles are prepared by different members of the Jericho Tree team

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  1. Austen says:

    It’s a great site — accessible, contemporary, and not churchy; professional, friendly, broad. Looks good on the iPad and iPhone too. Its breadth might be its weakness; I can’t see myself scrolling through the articles in search of one that interests me — I’m more likely to clink on a link I’m sent through the email, but maybe that’s already reckoned. I imagine that the intended reader is young, urban, professional, and a pretty convinced Catholic who’s searching. If so, I think it’s really well aimed. Congratulations!

  2. Ruth says:

    I LOVE the Jericho Tree logo – many, many congrats to Kathy Kielty.

  3. Esther says:

    I am really enjoying reading the articles on the website. A technical feedback would be if the heading’s on home-page in the blue banner showed a list of topics when you hover over it.

    I am wondering if you would consider a book recommendation page or listings associated to the topics? i.e. Divine Providence could mention perhaps Jean-Pierre de Caussade (SJ). Its always nice to have book recommendations from an article your enjoying as probably you would enjoy/understand similar books or someone like Fr Stephan Wang whom you always value their writings.

    • Fr Stephen Wang says:

      Thanks Esther. I like the idea of listing topics from the banner menu, but I don’t know how to do it yet! There might be a plugin I can find. We’ll try to add some book suggestions too as we go along.

  4. Fr.Digby Samuels says:

    Congratulations on both appearance and content of this new site. Particularly appreciated the ‘why named ‘ Jericho tree, plus features on critique of photography in this culture and on the the critique of cohabitation. Statistics have made the same cohabitation point in researches but very helpful for premarriage preparation to have a deeper line of reasoning. Thank you

  5. Jamie Mulgrew says:

    I love this website, thank you so much!
    Really looking forward to reading all the articles.

    Jamie x

  6. Anne O'Connor says:

    This is a great site – thanks to all concerned. I’ve signed up and recommended it to friends and colleagues – a really interesting and wide-ranging set of articles.

    I’ve been sent something that may be of interest to you but can’t work out how to make contact other than on this feedback page. Is it possible to email me please?

    Best wishes

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