The power of the Holy Spirit in our lives

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The fourth film in the Sycamore programme is now available to view and download, on the topic “The Holy Spirit in our lives”. For information about how to use this film visit here.

For more information about the programme, and how to use the films in general, visit the main Sycamore site here:

The film itself is here on vimeo:

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  1. mags says:

    I have loved this little series of videos ~ I loved the background music ~ the background noise ~ the settings ~ the heartfelt sharing ~ and the content.

    Ha ha . . . however . . . I remember you getting your precious film poster gift at the end of Allen Hall and writing a blog about it. And as a woman I remember the point that you mused over Woody Allen completely oblivious and unresponsive to the female attentions in the scene. ~ I didn’t know that particular film ~ but at the time i remember feeling incredibly hurt ~ that once again it was the woman being portrayed in the fallen light and the man in the innocent one! Must have cut deep ~ i remember it. 😉

    and just as if to reinforce what i was silently feeling ~ you responded to a male comment and ignored mine :-)

    Oh how Woody Allen fell!!

    Maybe its time for a new film poster!!


  2. mags says:

    Holy Spirit ~ Sweet advocate of Love ~ fruit of All virtue ~ Pray for us.

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