Natural family planning with FEMM: A new fertility management programme

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This new fertility management programme comes recommended by one of our readers:

FEMM (Fertility Education & Medical Management) is a women’s health program that teaches the link between hormones and health, and how to monitor observable hormonal biomarkers. Once women understand their bodies, they can identify normal or abnormal patterns, and seek medical support as informed participants in their own healthcare. FEMM has launched a charting app which allows women to easily track their biomarkers & patterns and share their cycle data with medical providers.

FEMM is partnered with the RHRI (Reproductive Health Research Institute).The RHRI is committed to research-based solutions in the field of reproductive health. In particular, the Institute is committed to clinical research and advanced educational development for medical providers. FEMM Medical Management provides training to medical professionals in the RHRI medical protocols: the first standardization in reproductive endocrinology for diagnosis and treatment of women’s health issues.

In addition to training individual medical providers, FEMM is working with doctors and professors at the medical schools of John Hopkins and Brown, and have begun to collaborate in the early stages with OSU medical school as well as the university in a broader sense.

FEMM Teacher Training Courses are for persons interested in becoming FEMM Teachers. Training consists of 2, 2-day courses, subsequent coursework & practice teaching, guided FEMM HQ. The course fee covers both the FEMM I & FEMM II Courses and following coursework. This translates into a full year of training from FEMM including: feedback on assignments, online sessions, collaboration in the assessment of practice clients, assistance in teaching etc. Once participants complete all trainings, requirements and the FEMM final exam, they are certified, have access to FEMM’s formal teaching materials and continue to receive support and feedback from FEMM HQ.

A training course is taking place in London next weekend (25-26 April) – see the image below. It’s very expensive, but apparently they are very generous with scholarships/bursaries, so do email them if you are interested, and ask about funds if you are struggling.



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