The Gift: a Life in the Spirit course available from CaFE

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An inspiring and practical series aimed at people of all ages to help them encounter the Holy Spirit and empower them to share their faith.

Presented by well-known international speakers; David Payne, Michelle Moran, Charles Whitehead and Jenny Baker.

Six Sessions (+optional seventh session)

1. The Fathers Loving Plan        4. Unwrapping God’s Gift

2. The Joy Of The Gospel          5. Encountering God’s Spirit

3. The Gift Of The Spirit            6. Living In The Spirit

Plus an optional movie presentation of The Cross by Billy Graham (recommended to use as an extra session between 2 and 3.)

The teachings are relaxed, personal and informative, rooted in the Bible, the Catechism, Evangelii Gaudium, and reflections on the Holy Spirit from Pope Francis. Sessions last 30 minutes and include testimonies from laity and clergy.

This website includes comprehensive leader’s training, endorsements, downloadable publicity flyers and trailer, daily prayer reflections, follow-on material and recommended resources.

‘I warmly commend this resource.’ Archbishop Kevin McDonald.


Download £19.95

DVD Pack £25.95

Further subsidies available for individuals and very small groups,

please call for details.

To purchase The Gift Course and have access to the Leadership material on this site either pay online through the link here

Or contact 01727 375290 / Int +44 207 717 9133

Or send your name, address, phone number and a cheque made payable to CREW Trust to CaFE, PO Box 333,

St Albans AL2 1EL.


‘‘The speakers are offering witness to God’s action in the world and in their own lives. I warmly commend this resource.’’

Archbishop Kevin McDonald

‘‘The weekend has made me realise the importance of praying to the  Holy Spirit, which I seldom used to. Since then I have experienced a desire within me to pray fervently to Holy Spirit… more and more…every day of my life.’’

Bejay – The Gift Guest

‘‘This course is dynamite for students and youth ministry in general.’’

Fr Matt Anscombe – Uni Chaplain

‘‘Being able to share in small groups was such a great way to explore what we’d heard in the talks and a great model for learning, exploring & discussing Baptism of the Holy Spirit.’’

Pippa – Small Group Leader

‘‘The first session on the Father’s love truly captivated me and I enjoyed the sharing and discussions in the small groups where the thoughts presented by the speakers were taken to a deeper level. The course encouraged me to practise contemplation in my spiritual life.’’

Anju-Ann – The Gift Guest

‘‘The course was a good experience for me. The small groups for sharing and the anointing of the Spirit was a powerful experience. The different talks especially the talk on the Holy Spirit was really inspiring and gave me new insight on the ‘The Church’s best kept secret’.’’

Chris – The Gift Guest

‘‘My experience during being prayed over in the small group was the love of Jesus coming directly into and piercing my heart, a love which can change my life with its power.’’
Anne –The Gift Guest

‘‘A great blessing and a wonderful resource. Well done!’’

Fr David Oakley – Rector, St Mary’s Oscott

‘‘Our small groups were a mix of some that were familiar with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, others less so, and one or two who were slightly resistant. As we became more familiar with each other those with reservations became more honest in their assessments of the talks, and tension grew…until the final small group session where we prayed for the Holy Spirit  to come and the dams of resistance were burst open. All that tension was released amid tears of joy and relief.’’
John – Small Group Leader

‘‘It was fantastic to feel the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and to meet lots of people who were open about their faith.’’

Anna – The Gift Guest

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