The beauty and power of the Sacrament of Marriage: a new DVD resource for parishes, schools, catechetical groups and couples themselves

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Catholic Faith Exploration (CaFE) have just published a marvelous new DVD about the Sacrament of Marriage. You can order it here. You can watch the trailer above, and read the blurb that follows:

A TV quality exploration of how the Sacrament of Marriage can help a couple to love in the power of the Holy Spirit. Input from Fr Stephen Wang (Westminster), Nicky & Sila Lee (Founders of the Marriage Course), Edmund Adamus (Westminster) and others.

The teaching of the Church is supported by three moving documentaries of couples at different stages of married life, ranging from the excitement of the wedding, through the hectic years of family life and finally to the joy of marriage in older age.

Ideal for marriage preparation, enrichment, RCIA, teenagers in schools & Confirmation courses.

The main session lasts approx 25 minutes and is supported by a short general introduction to the Sacraments by Fr Paul Keane and Sr Catherine Droste OP.

Please note that the UK DVD players use PAL format, whereas North America uses NTSC. Both PAL and NTSC work with PCs.

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  1. Paul Rodden says:

    May I suggest another new course just released worth investigating?
    ‘Symbolon’ by the Augustine Institute. I have just finished watching my set.

    The presenter of the course is Edward Sri, and features people like Tim Gray, Teresa Tomeo, Mary Healy, etc..

    It’s a great course for beginners, both RCIA and adult catechesis, in general, and contains great advice for developing. It could even be used for later teens.

    Each episode is in 2 parts. Part I, Introductory +/- 10 mins, then Part II, +/- 25 mins. The second part is divided into ‘Faith Seeking Understanding’ doctrinal input, and ‘Call to Conversion’, an interview with a well-known EWTN personality chatting about relevance, and practical tips and ideas for embedding the subject in one’s faith and life.

    It’s 5 DVDs/10 Episodes – ‘Knowing the Faith’ – and there are another 8 or 10 episodes (I don’t think they’ve decided on number) in the pipeline on the Sacraments and Life in Christ.

    It’s very much in the style of Fr Robert Barron’s Word on Fire, Catholicism Series, although studio and classroom-based (and you’ll notice the distinctive ‘Spirit Juice Studios’ filming techniques and music style if you’ve seen the Catholicism Series!)

    Any downsides?
    It’s a bit heavy on apologetics at times, and so I’d argue they go too far wanting to disprove some Protestant ideas, e.g., Sola Scriptura. But apart from that, I think it’s great.

    The promo website is here:

    And the Main Website for Students and Leaders:

    NB If you want to use the unlimited Parish Online Login to watch the videos online it costs $600 p.a., and $900 p.a., for videos plus all resource materials and study guides, etc. and both are currently at a time limited $300 discount! They don’t make this clear in the promotional video.

    • Paul Rodden says:

      Remember: if you’re in England, like me, you’ll have an additional heavy Import Tax, unless someone like Christian Holden or AN Other, starts stocking it!

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