How going to Confession can transform your life

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A sermon about the importance of the Sacrament of Confession during Advent, that should be helpful even outside of the Advent season.

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Fr Stephen Wang is a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Westminster. He is currently Senior University Chaplain for the Archdiocese. Some of his articles have previously been published on his personal blog, Bridges and Tangents. See:

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  1. jennyroca says:

    During a confession a priest asked what’s the need for masturbation for a married woman, right after the husband had orgasm, while the husband was unable to satisfy his wife.
    I got an answer for that priest now, after 30 years of pain…..
    A moral theologian – Germain Grisez – in the March 1996 issue of “The Catholic World Report,” provided by EWTN, says :
    “….The wife’s complete sexual satisfaction (orgasm)
    is NOT necessary for sexual intercourse insofar as it
    is a reproductive function,………….”
    In other words, the man uses the woman body to obtain his own orgasm, while the woman is left in pain…..
    Does the church endorse this theologian?

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