40 Days for Life vigil begins 25 Sept

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The 40 Days for Life vigil begins in London soon, and in many other cities in the UK and across the globe.

You can read more about the vision of the campaigns here.

Do take a look at the new promotional video from 40 Days for Life UK above. Robert Colquhoun explains what the work is all about; there are stories from some of the volunteers who have been involved in recent campaigns around the country; and there are some beautiful photos of some of the mothers who have been helped by the campaigns – sitting with their new-born babies.

If you are interested in the London vigil (in Stratford this year), do take a look at their website and their vigil schedule here.

There is also a campaign in Twickenham, at 15 Rosslyn Road, East Twickenham, Mddx, TW1 2AR.

The vigil calendar for Twickenham is here: http://vigilcalendar.com/twickenham
Please sign up before attending the vigil which runs every day – 8am-8pm.

For a link to all the campaigns around the country:



Leamington Spa



Milton Keynes

Stratford, London

Twickenham, London

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